Investment policy

Investment beliefs are set by the governing board to make sure the investment portfolio is aligned with the following principles:

  • Pension liabilities determine the way of investing. The fund invests for the long term.
  • Responsible investing is important and adds value.
  • The strategic asset allocation is the most important factor for determining risk and return.
  • Costs of investing are important and have to be transparent.
  • The investment policy must be explainable.
  • Risk requires an extra return.
  • Diversification over and within different asset classes adds value by improving the risk/return profile.
  • The benchmark is hard to beat over the long term.
  • Governance and implementation have the same objectives. This is ensured by an own executive organization.

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Strategic Investment Portfolio

The chart below shows the Fund’s strategic asset mix.

As per the end of 2019 Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering invested:

  • € 6.286 million in equities;
  • € 4.969 million in fixed income;
  • € 1.338 million in real estate.